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Our Story

Who, What, Why, and Where!

At Real Life Productions, Inc., we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause.

Who?  A professional performance troupe comprised of senior singers, actors, musicians, and other artists who still have a lot of living to do!

What?  We are dedicated to bringing the Arts to senior citizens and bedridden individuals in long-term care facilities, hospitals or those too financially burdened to buy a theater ticket.

Why?  So that individuals living in long-term care or those with physical restrictions can still experience the magic of the Arts! We endeavor to keep their hearts, minds, spirits, and imaginations thriving.

When/Where?  Have troupe, will travel! We are always looking for new venues, facilities, theaters, etc. who will offer space or have an opening to fill! Give us a call and let's create magic!!

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