An Italian Goes Well With A Jew

Bubbes, Mensches, and Dear Friends

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Linda Kaufman

Quick! Describe Linda Kaufman quickly because by tomorrow she will have reinvented herself! This incredibly talented woman can (and will) do just about anything she sets her mind to! Realtor, songwriter, musician, singer, playwright, author, piano teacher, Mom, Grandmother, mensch, and "Jill of all Trades", give her an idea and stand back! She'll exceed every expectation!!!

Linda Saputo Melendrez

Linda Saputo Melendrez is truly one-of-a-kind! Singer, actress, comedian, Rockette, Mom, and wife, she will tickle you pink (her favorite color) with her witty repartee and incomparable comedic timing. Her beauty shines inside and out, and to know her is to love her!