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Our Projects

One aspect of our mission is to create and produce works that showcase seasoned actors. It is an unfortunate truth that roles for seasoned actors become fewer as we get older. For theater and the Arts to be truly inclusive, this must be remedied. Real Life Productions, Inc. is dedicated to keeping our seasoned actors engaged, learning, and performing!

Mrs. Rosenberg's Christmas
A Musical by Linda Kaufman

Mrs Rosenberg Pic - Ticket Photo.jpg

When Mrs. Rosenberg (Bubbe) takes a fall, it's
Christmas in August! Raised by Orthodox Jewish
parents and married to a Rabbi, Bubbe seems
confused after her accident. When she moves into
her daughter Eloise, son in law Arthur, and
grandson Josh’s home to recuperate, much more
is “healed” than the bump on her head. The family,
along with their Christian friend Linda, explores the
meaning and spirit of Christmas from a different
viewpoint, the dynamics of faith and family, and the
love surrounding everything involved!

One Crak - Two Bam
A Play by Rachelle Applebaum Neuman

This comedic and poignant production tells the story of a group of women who have played the game of Mahjong their entire lives. The play examines friendships, dealing with the Winds of Change, building (and tearing down!) walls, secrets, jealousies, betrayal, loss, renewal, rebirth, finding joy, and, of course, Mahjong! As one of the characters states in the play, “I’ve discovered that life is like our Mahjong game. No matter what happens, we have to deal with the hands we get and muster the courage to move on.”

One Crak.jpg

The Sunset Club
A Play by Mary W. Schaller


It is spring of 1970, the twilight of the old, classic Hollywood. The Sunset Club is a retirement residence for single women over the age of 55 who had been employed in some aspect or another in the motion picture industry. The current residents include Coral, a musician from the studios’ orchestras; Florence, a former executive secretary at MGM; Estelle, an aging child star of the OUR GANG series; several actresses who are still working in small parts, and one Oscar-winning Star who is both a benefactor as well as a resident of the Club. Lillian, a 45-year-old widow manages the Club. All the women want something: Lucille, a retired Wardrobe lady from MGM studio, wants to go live with her daughter and grandsons in Pennsylvania.; Emily, a 79-year-old movie fan, yearns to be in a real movie; Oscar-winner Miranda wants to divorce her estranged husband Lance and get him permanently out of her life. And, all the Club’s residents want to get a little souvenir from the famous MGM Auction that will remind them of the Golden Days of movie-making. Everyone gets their wish, but not in the ways they had imagined.

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